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Our Moth removal services

Dover Pest Control provides two methods of eradication to tackle moth infestations: a chemical-based treatment and a non-toxic heat treatment.

We offer a guarantee on our service. If the moth problem persists, we will re-visit your premises free of charge to ensure complete eradication. Our team is fully qualified and insured, and we have established ourselves as the leading Moths Pest Control company in Dover and the surrounding areas.

Heat Treatment: Our heat treatment is the most effective solution, delivering instant results on the same day. It kills moths at all stages of their lifecycle, including eggs, ensuring complete eradication with no traces left behind.

Steam Treatment: For moths that have infested clothing or other fabrics, our steam treatment is a newer method of eradication. It provides effective results in such cases.

Freeze Treatment: Another viable option for eliminating moths from infested fabrics is our freeze treatment. It doesn’t damage the materials being treated, and we can collect the infected item, perform the freezing treatment off-site, and return it to you afterward.

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Most frequent questions and answers
  1. Deep Clean the Area. Use soap and water to wipe down surfaces and thoroughly vacuum cracks and crevices.
  2. Use a Natural Moth Killer. This will safely remove any larvae and eggs that might still be present.
  3. Store Clothes Correctly. …
  4. Use A Moth Repellent. …
  5. Repeat Every Season.

Dirty or soiled clothing is particularly attractive to moths, so it’s vital to clean garments before storing them away. While off-the-shelf products can deal with smaller moth infestations, a professional moth pest control service will be required for larger or repeat infestations.

Heat treatment for moths is our most effective solution, giving instant results on the same day. The heat kills moths at all stages of the lifecycle, including eggs, meaning all traces are eradicated. A newer method of eradication, steam treatment is best used for moths that have infested clothing or other fabrics.


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